Servicing Peearland, Southbelt, Friendswood and Manvel


  Evie's Cleaning Company opened in August of 2016. The owner, Mary, resides in Pearland with her husband, daughter and two dogs.  

 Our goals are to help people, plain and simple. We want to be the people you call when you have a cleaning question. We want to help you find the right service provider, even if it isn't us. 

 We are a transparent company. That means, we will answer any questions we can about our pay rate, general practices and policies. 

 We also advocate for continuing education in the industry to improve constantly , and keep up with the latest in technology. Through our partnership with ARCSI and ISSA, we are able to  keep up with new, exciting and modern cleaning solutions. 

 We are also partnered with Cleaning For A Reason.   Cleaning For A Reason provides free house cleaning to men, women and children undergoing cancer treatment by partnering with local cleaning services that donate the cleaning services. To date, over 30,000 homes have been serviced and 1200 cleaning service providers are partnered.  

Our Partners