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Cleaning Is For The Birds

Hate Cleaning? We will help you. Evie's Cleaning Company to the rescue

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 Do you hate cleaning? I bet you can think of 100 better things to do. Guess what, we love to clean! And it just so happens that we are really, really good at it.  That's great news, right??  Book house cleaning services today. 

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40,560 hours

Don't spend your free time cleaning

House cleaning  is often the biggest item on a to-do list.  Wouldn't it feel great to scratch cleaning off of that list? You bet it would. We know you're busy and we know that a lot of your free time is spent cleaning. In fact,  in can be up to 40.560 hours of cleaning in your lifetime. Wowza.  Take those hours back.  You've earned them. Spend that time with your family, take up a hobby or take a nap without feeling guilty that there is housework that needs to be done. 

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Hey busy family-we see you.

House cleaning solution for busy families

We know you're busy.  We are here to help you. While you are dropping kids off at school, working, running errands,  dropping kids off at sport events, grocery shopping or running a business of your own, we can help you lessen the to-do list.  

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